Imagine this very elaborate scientific lie: that sound cannot travel through outer space.



So my Kickstarter for my 200 page OGN, SEXCASTLE, is still going.  As of right now everyone at the $25 and over rewards is getting a sweet bookmark and sticker.  Now we’re working towards a temporary tattoo (the Keep On Chuckin’ image above) and other fun things.

Do you know someone who likes good comics outside of the mainstream?  Do you know someone who loves the artistic sensibilities of 80s action movies?  Do you know someone who loves nunchucks and tough guy talk?  This is that, and a whole lot more.  It’s about personal redemption, it’s about parental responsibility, life’s influence, choices and, yeah, okay awesome fight stuff.

This won’t be in book stores.  I don’t have a major printer doing major distribution. I don’t have a publicist.  I just make comics and want people to read them.  I make GOOD comics for the enjoyment of other people.  These 30 days of this Kickstarter are my 30 days to get the book in people’s hands.  I have to get the word out.  

You like good comics, right?

Well, let’s get you some.

Thanks, again.

Tribute to Russian literature at the Sochi-2014 closing ceremony (part 1)

(Source: piascleavage)

Tribute to Russian literature at the Sochi-2014 closing ceremony (part 2)

(Source: piascleavage)


Comics bud Zac Gorman began putting together a Frasier zine a while ago. Progress is slow-going, but I talked to him and he said it would be cool to share my comic so here you go.

It’s beautiful.